Panic Alert Button For Each Classroom

Teacher Panic Alert Button Get Help When It’s Needed Alerts are immediately sent to your school’s response team.

33 HelpME Is $5 Per
Panic Alert Button
Per Year.

Paying More Doesn’t Mean You Get More. 33HelpMe is affordable. Install a panic alert button in every classroom, front office, cafeteria… There’s no need to pay $100 to $200 per year per button. These over-priced panic alert buttons aren’t any faster at sending alerts.

We hear about the bad choices and dissapointments

“Doesn’t work, Not fast, Not Easy to use, lousey support”

“Can’t tell if the alert was sent, Staff looses the lanyards, Lanyards break”

“No one told us we’d be replacing batteries ALL THE TIME, Replacement batteries are expensive”

“No way to tell who’s wearing or not wearing their lanyard"
“Staff will not wear the lanyards, Staff doesn’t like being tracked everywhere they go”

“Help message doesn’t tell what help is needed or who needs help”

“Do I push the button 2 times or is it 3 times, We defenitely overpaid for this turkey”

“When this contract ends we’ll be getting something else”

Now Help Is Just One Click Away.

33HelpME adds a valuable layer of security for the place that needs it most – the classroom.

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