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The Next Step for School, Hotel, Hospital, Apartment and Business Safety

33HelpME is a small application that quickly and silently sends alerts, instant notifying your school's response team of a request for help. 33HelpME adds a valuable layer of security for a place that needs it most - the classroom.


Why Was The 33HelpME Panic Alert Button Created?

To help isolated teachers or staff get immediate help. Double clicking the 33HelpME Button will get immediate help. The 33HelpME alert is instantly sent to your response team.

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Panic Buttons for schools, teachers, universities, college campuses, hospitals, hotels, apartments, businesses, offsite workers, tutors and remote workers. Don’t let them feel alone. They may not have time to dial a number, or wait for the phone to be answered. Help needs to be just one click away.

Emergency Panic Button for PK-12 Schools
Emergency Panic Button for PK-12 Schools

Pk-12 schools and school systems were the driving force behind creating 33HelpME. Classroom teachers need this safety tool to get instant help in their classroom.
Give them the one tool that can eliminate being alone in the classroom. Respond faster to student discipline issues, medical emergencies, or restroom break for the teacher.

Emergency Panic Button for 
College Students
Emergency Panic Button for College Students

Universities and College campuses are spread out over many acres with hundreds of buildings. Getting help is often not easy and not fast.
33HelpME can be installed on any device. Nothing more frightening than a dark parking garage, or a dormitory stairwell.

Staff Panic Button in the Workplace 
for Employee Safety
Staff Panic Button in the Workplace for Employee Safety

Hotels, office campuses, shopping malls, high rise offices and even the corporate boardroom may be the right place to install a 33HelpME emergency panic button for employee safety. 33HelpME is the right choice for your small business where there’s only a need for a few of staff panic buttons. <
We are happy to help your business or organization with discount bulk pricing on larger quantity orders. Our sales staff responds within a few minutes 24 hours a day.

Tutors, Real Estate Agents and Remote 
Job Workers
Tutors, Real Estate Agents and Remote Job Workers

When sending staff outside the office to off-site locations that may not be secure. 33HelpME is the right choice for real estate agents, delivery drivers, social workers, etc…
who find themselves in unfamiliar and unsecure locations. 33HelpME provides the peace of mind.

Tutors, Real Estate Agents and Remote 
Job Workers
Unsecured Job Sites

Pool workers, construction workers, plumbers, mechanics, park rangers, government workers we have been able to help hundreds of companies with lone workers stay safer.
Provide your staff with the ability to send his/her location and contact emergency services. The lone worker should never feel that they are really alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The response team is a group of staff that you designate to respond to any 33HelpME alerts and can consist of administrators, security, school resource officers, maintenance, etc. Response team members often also have two-way mobile radios.

Your 33HelpME response team can have up to a maximum of 100 people.

33HelpME panic alert messages are sent instantly and received within 3 to 6 seconds.

Response team members generally decide how best to respond based on the alert message that is received. A teacher requesting support for a restroom break will be responded to much differently than a panic alert message reporting an active shooter.

33HelpME messages can be customized to contain any message that your school or district desires to send.


Teachers frequently report that phone calls are not answered or take too long to be answered. In addition, many teachers may need privacy when asking for help.
The 33HelpME alert is instantly sent to all members of the school’s response team. Now, instead of only having one person available to answer the call, the 33HelpME alert goes to all members of the 33HelpME response team at the same time.

Double click the 33HelpME button that is always visible on user’s desktop.

Up to a maximum of five (5) panic / alert messages may be configured. The first message is the default panic alert message that will be automatically sent when the 33HelpME button is clicked. Right click on the 33HelpME button to select a different alert message.

No. When the 33HelpME button is clicked, a confirmation message is displayed to the user, letting the user know that the message has been sent.

33Helpme requires that the first time a user logs in to 33HelpME, the user must provide a primary location. For example, a teacher would enter “Room 122.” The nurse would enter “Nurse’s Room,” the media center director would enter “Media Center,” and the cafeteria manager would enter “Cafeteria.”

Yes. There are several challenges with using a smartphone or tablet panic alert button that include the following:
• Users are required to download and install the smartphone / tablet applicationfrom either the Apple Store or Google Play versus the 33HelpME button which can be pushed out the IT Administration to all users via Active Directory.
• Achieving high installation rates with smart phone apps is not easy. Most schools struggle to reach 50% installation rates with smart phone apps.
• GPS is not as accurate as people believe and identifying the user’s location is not precise..Pinpointing a location inside a school building is not easy, and GPS cannot identifywhat floor the user is on.
• Allowing a mobile user to manually enter a location often produces an inaccurate location. One user enters a location “Boy’s room near back door,”when the correct location is Boy’s room, 2nd floor on the south side near room 235.”

• 33HelpME is faster, easier to use, and reaches everyone on the response team at the same time.
• There are no button lanyards that users must remember to wear.
• Compare prices. The difference is dramatic.The 33HelpME button is $15 per year per button. Other buttons cost from $100 to $200 per year per button.
• Lanyard panic alert buttons require batteries that must be replaced once a year (additional cost).
• Lanyard panic alert buttons frequently break or get lost. The 33HelpME panic alert button is always available and always available on each user’s computer.

Yes. Reports will provide data on who summoned help, the nature of the request, and the date and time the button was clicked.