Frequently Asked Questions

Within seconds, a text alert message is instantly sent to all members of your school’s response team. Alerts are sent to your team member’s cell phone. The 33HelpME Alert button is always visible on the computer screen no matter what application is open.
Administrators love how easy 33HelpME is to use as well as its speed and reliability. This is why school administrators select 33HelpME. It’s
  1.  Low Cost
  2. Features and 
  3. Great Support.

YES. Double Click the 33HelpME button to get help. It’s that simple. Download 33HelpME’s FREE 21-day demo to try it for yourself.

Schools typically have administrators, school security staff, SRO, coaches or staff that carry two-way radios.

Response team members decide how best to respond based on the alert message that is received. A teacher requesting support for a restroom break will be responded to much differently than a panic alert message reporting an active shooter.

33HelpME messages contain the following information.


Up to ten (10) panic / alert messages may be pre-configured. The first message is the default panic alert message that will be automatically sent when the 33HelpME button is clicked. Right click on the 33HelpME button to select a different alert message.

Your 33HelpME response team can have from 1 to 100 people.

33HelpME works on almost any PC computer with Windows 7, 8,10, 11 or any Mac Computer with OS 10.6 or newer or any Android phone or Android tablet or iPhone, iPad.

Yes. At no charge, 33HelpME has a smart phone app available for Google and Apple devices. Using a smartphone or tablet panic alert button requires the following: Users have to download and install the smartphone / tablet application from either the Apple Store or Google Play versus the 33HelpME button, which the IT Administration can send to all teacher / staff computers via Active Directory. 33HelpME’s mobile app allows users to manually enter their location or use the GPS location find process. Using GPS inside a multistory building cannot always identify which floor they may be on.

YES. 33HelpME can be scaled from a single school to an entire district. 33HelpME’s technology is designed to provide the performance, options, security and redundancy that schools require. 33HelpME is built with Microsoft SQL and .NET. 33HelpME uses the fastest and most reliable server technology available.

YES. 33HelpME can be downloaded as either an “msi” installation package and/or an “exe” file. Today, most network administrators use remote desktop software to manage computers throughout the network and to remote install software onto selected computers on the network. There are numerous remote desktop software that can remotely install an “msi” file.

No. When the 33HelpME button is clicked, a confirmation message is displayed to the user, letting the user know that the message has been sent.

GREAT training and GREAT support staff are what separates 33HelpME from the competition. When you need help, our support team answers the phone. We are here to help you. In addition, our website has dozens of videos and pdf help files. Every day, customers tell us they love our support.

Two easy steps.

  1. Download 33HelpMe from our website.
  2.  Input your school’s information.

That’s it! You are now ready to start using 33HelpME. Try 33HelpME’s FREE 30-day demo.

YES, 33HelpME upgrades are FREE to all customers.

33HelpME produces amazing reports, providing the data you want in an easy and understandable format. Print, view and/or sort your reports by day, date range , activity, or by person. Select from standard, detail or summary reports. Reports can be automatically scheduled to run at specific days and times and emailed as a pdf file, so you can get your report automatically with your morning coffee. Reports can be printed to any standard laser or ink jet printer. Reports will provide data on who summoned help, the nature of the request, and the date and time the 33HelpME button was clicked.

33Helpme requires that the first time a user logs in to 33HelpME, the user must provide a primary location. For example, a teacher would enter “Room 122.” The nurse would enter “Nurse’s Room,” the media center director would enter “Media Center,” and the cafeteria manager would enter “Cafeteria.”

Teachers frequently report that phone calls are not answered or take too long to be answered. In addition, many teachers may need privacy when asking for help. The 33 HelpME alert is instantly sent to all members of the school’s response team. Now, instead of only having one person available to answer the call, the 33HelpME alert goes to all members of your 33HelpME response team at the same time.

  • The 33HelpME button displays on the teacher’s desktop. It is always visible and active.
  • 33HelpME is faster, easier to use, and reaches everyone on the response team at the same time.
  • 33HelpME Costs LESS. Compare prices. The difference is dramatic.
  • There are no button lanyards that users must remember to wear.
  • There are no batteries to change or replace (additional cost).
  • Lanyard panic alert buttons frequently break or get lost.
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