33 HelpME offers many convenient ways to order our high quality software and services. You may print a paper order form or place an online order and be invoiced or shop on our online store and pay by PayPal

33HelpME is the first affordable Panic Alert Button that you can put on every teacher’s computer in the school. 33 HelpME has no batteries to replace and no buttons to break or to be lost. 33 HelpME is affordable and can save your district thousands of dollars per year. One district saved $60,000 What could you do with an extra $60,000 per year in your budget?

33 HelpME Pricing


 Price Per Button

 Minimum Orders of Buttons

Button Price Per Year

Annual Maintenance

Total Cost Per Year

$5 each 50 5,000 $195 $250 + $195 = $ 445
EXTRA BUTTONS - Order in packs of 10 button packs -- After Initial Order
$5 each 10 $50   $50
$5 each 50 $250   $250
$5 each 100 $500   $500
$5 each 200 $1,000   $1,000

YES. Additional buttons may be purchased in packages of 10 buttons at your current Alert Click Rate. Purchase what you need for your school to fit your budget. If you need 75 Panic Alert Buttons, then purchase 75 buttons at the selected Alert Clicks.

NO. For 50 buttons at $5 per button, the total Alert Clicks = 5,000 per year and are automatically allocated as needed. 200 Alert Clicks = 10,000 total Alert Clicks. 300 Alert Clicks = 15,000 total Alert Clicks. Unlimited = Unlimited.

YES. Additional Alert Clicks can be purchased. Since most schools have 180 school days, few schools ever exceed 200 Alert Clicks.

NO. Your school will not run out of Alert Clicks. Should you exceed your purchased Alert Clicks, 33 HelpME will continue to send Panic Alerts, and your school will be invoiced for the additional Alert Clicks.

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