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Metal Signs
18" x 12"

Attach to light poles, buildings,etc ...
Metal signs are priced at $45 per sign and includes attachment 24" zip ties or metal screws.

Minimum order is 100 metal signs.

Laminated Stickers
8" x 4"

Large laminated stickers are priced at $8 each.  These are peel & stick.
Minimum order is 100 large size stickers..
Affix to doors, elevators, restrooms, dorm rooms, offices, break rooms, hallways, etc...

Laminated Stickers
4" x 2"

Affix to stadium seatbacks, etc...
Small laminated stickers are priced at $4 each.  These are peel & stick.  Minimum order is 500..

33HelpME Application

The backbone of the 33QR Help System is our SQL application.  This is what makes the majic happen.  When a QR code is scanned and help message is sent, the 33 QR Help Systems instantly responds and sends the help alert to to your operation center, or your resposne team

Every customer will have full use of the 33QR Help System.  This will include training and upgrades. The application is a subscription based model and is a 36 month plan.

The 33 QR Help System is $15,000 per year ($45,000) toal for the life of the contract.
This includes a maximum of 5,000 33 HelpME QR Code sign registrations..

To use the 33 HelpME QR Stickers and signs, a subscription to the 33HelpME Application is required.

4" x 2"

Affix to existing SEE & SAY SOMETHING signs....
SEE & SAY SOMETHING stickers are priced at $5 each.  These are peel & stick.  Minimum order is 100.

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33HelpME can offer you a unique sponsorship and Partner Program.  Your favored sponsors can have their logo placed on your Stadium Seatback stickers.  Imagine having 60,000 fans seeing their name for 2 hours on every game day.

In addition, facilities that offer food sales can have a second  service QR Code added o the 33HelpME QR Code Sticker.  Fans can order food from their seats with delivery, or order future game tickets, team merchandize, get team news, etc.  With 33HelpME's Service QR Code, you will ahve stronger fan contact with direct fan interaction with a text option directly to their smartphone.

Talk with your 33HelpME Sales Representative about adding this unique opportunity.
Sign and sticker installation service is available at an additional charge.  Most customers self-install the signs and stickers.

When installing each sign or sticker the installation location MUST BE Registered (REQUIRED).  The regsitration process uses the Building (or Room) ID Numbering System that buildings (public and private) are required to have and to post.  Additional charges may apply based upon access and integration to the Building (or Room) ID Numbering System.

33HelpME provides a free application to record (scan) the QR code and allow installer to manually record the ID # for that specific location.  This process must be done as each sign or sticker is installed.  Failure to record the sign/sticker location during the installation process will void the installation of that sign or sticker, and impede the ability to accuratley identify the help requester's location..

To properly work with 33HelpME, our team will need access to the Building (or Room) Numbering System, or the ability for you to provide either an Excel file or csv file of the Builing (or Room) Numbering System.

Some customers may have interactive maps of their buildings, stadiums, arenas, concert venue, sports stadium, baseball park, museum, parking garages, tourist areas, airports, etc...  Our future plan is to directly interact with your interacive map system, so that when a help call is received, a visual location can also be displayed.


Eachl QR Codes contain unique ID information.  A unique ID# is required for location purposes.
Call toll free 33 helpME 1-800-575-1043